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 Meditation Masterclass

Achieve Deep, Transformational Meditation In Just Minutes A Day. Easily & Quickly

When the world seems overwhelming and you feel out of balance, these lessons will guide you back to recentre and reconnect.

In this 4-hour Meditation Masterclass, I’ll bring to life an easy, practical, effective meditation and mindfulness practise for you to begin your journey with ease.


  • Lessons to support meditation practices.

  • ​My recommended meditation practices - the ones I use to enhance every area of my life.

  • Heighten your intuition, deepen your connection to the Universe and raise your vibration.

  • A powerful guided meditation and enhanced teaching about the meditation practices.

  • Enjoy this workshop at your own pace, again and again with ongoing access!

I’ve discounted the price on this Workshop, so these meditations are more accessible to you in our current economic environment.

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 4 Hours


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To the person looking to meditate better (or who just wants to get started):

From scientists to spiritual gurus to high-flying billionaires and athletes: virtually everyone agrees meditation is the most effective personal growth practice. And yet whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a newbie, you may have noticed how tricky meditation can be to master.

The restlessness. The struggle for consistency. The question of “am I doing it right?”. The ancient rules and guidelines that sometimes don’t quite fit with your modern life and mind. But what if there was an easier, far more effective way to enjoy the deepest benefits of meditation?

The Meditation Masterclass is a revolutionary framework for meditation: designed by RISE founder Chaz Fliy based on his own daily practice

The result is one of the most efficient and easy to use meditation systems available today: one that removes all the fluff and dogma; and rewards you with countless positive transformations you can feel in every area of life.


In fact in just 7 short days, the Meditation Masterclass program will help you:

  • Boost your happiness by 20% or more

  • Melt away stress and anxiety

  • Amplify your creativity and intuition

  • Condition your brain to experience more compassion

  • Multiply your focus and productivity

  • Recharge your vitality, and accelerating healing

  • And much more

Experience meditation like never before with The Meditation Masterclass program with Chaz Fliy

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About Chaz Fliy

Chaz Fliy is known as the Creative Connector. A multidisciplinary artist and author his work spans creating visuals, directing and mastering the art of spiritual living. He was born and raised in London, UK, and takes a stylish approach to spirituality through his work.

Chaz is a Sikh Entrepreneur who has founded multiple creative and wellbeing businesses. He has embraced the teaching of deep spirituality, and coaches others towards positive wellbeing using mindset and lifestyle balance techniques around the world through classes and online digital media.

His journey went from being a graduate in Design to an award-winning Creative Director, receiving awards from the likes of Sony, YCN and CBS. He has also appeared in many publications, including GQ, Huffington Post, The New York Times, and The India Times to name a few. Chaz coaches creative businesses and has appeared on the stage delivering keynotes to some of the most recognised innovative and technological companies today promoting the expression of the creative self, mindfulness and meditation.

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What You'll Learn

  1. Greater Self-Love & Acceptance:

    Dive into your subconscious mind, explore your true nature, and gain unconditional love and acceptance for your unique journey and character.

  2. A Sense Of Limitless Abundance:

    Retune your mind to release the patterns of lack holding you back from playing a bigger game, and reaching for what you really want in life.

  3. Improve Your Quality Of Life:

    From your thoughts and emotions, to your habits and beliefs - reprogram yourself to channel greater joy, fulfillment, and peace of mind into every day.

  4. Choose Happiness:

    Turn happiness into your default state. You won’t even need a specific reason to experience joy anymore - it simply flows out of you.

  5. Feel More Connected To Life:

    Attune yourself to the people and energies surrounding you, so that instead of feeling alone or isolated, you feel connected and supported in everything you do.

  6. Be More Compassionate:

    Deepen your compassion towards yourself and others. Discover how to go beyond the illusion of separation, and channel limitless love and empathy to all.

  7. Strengthen Your Stress Resilience:

    Through regular meditation, you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed by big tasks, uncertainties, or to-do lists. Everything unfolds smoothly for you.

  8. Learn To Forgive:

    Whether it’s an unresolved conflict, or something you still feel guilty or bad about - discover how to project true and unconditional forgiveness onto yourself and others.


Zeus Living CEO (San Fransico)

Chaz is an amazing teacher. I am new to meditation and his style is fun and easy to understand.

Financial Strategist (Toronto)

Absolutely love it! I love how the different days of the week focus on something different and honestly, I already feel good

Fosters + Partners (London)

Allowed me to reflect on my lifestyle and bring awareness to being more mindful in my actions and thoughts

Head of Business Affairs (Sydney)

Changed the way I relate I related with myself and with my meditation practice. It's more than just a beginners course in meditation, it's a course in life!

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