Chaz Fliy



Day 1: Breathe


Welcome to the 7-Day Mind Detox challenge! I want to be the first to congratulate you on taking this step to becoming a more aware you.  

For this very first challenge, I want you to focus on your breath.  

You breathe every minute of every day, but how you breathe is important. Deep, conscious breathing from the diaphragm can help to lower blood pressure, balance the nervous system, ease symptoms of stress-related or mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and much more.  

Start your day with this simple breathing exercise:  

Close your eyes. Inhale deeply for five seconds. Hold for three seconds, then exhale for five seconds. Repeat five times.  

As you go through your day, be conscious of your breathing, every inhale and exhale.  

To take it step further, choose different times in your day to practice the slow breathing exercise we completed earlier.  

For accountability, set reminders in your phone that go off every few hours that trigger you to practice this challenge.  

Be sure to check your email tomorrow to submit your response to today's challenge and get instant access to the next one.  

Much love!


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