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Integrating a Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness practice at your workplace can enhance wellbeing, health and productivity for your team.

The workplace is becoming increasingly stressful – many employees rarely have time in their day when they are completely removed from work responsibilities.

A competitive job market encourages employees to work harder, longer and take on larger workloads than ever before. These added workplace pressures lead to stress and anxiety which inevitably affects how individuals make decisions and perform tasks both in and out of the office.  

To overcome challenges created by increased stress more and more companies are introducing Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness workplace programs to enhance workplace wellbeing. 

As well as reducing stress and anxiety mindfulness and yoga at work helps to open creative doorways in the brain by increasing individuals ability to focus, problem-solve and concentrate while encouraging more creative and unique ideas to enter the mind more freely. 

Many studies have shown that mindfulness and yoga at work can help to resolve workplace conflicts and happiness.  mindfulness practices equip employees with better conflict management and interpersonal skills that make resolving issues easier for employees and managers alike.


Yoga has been proven to reduced Back Pain and lower stress. Many studies have found that Yoga at the workplace reduces absenteeism from mental and physical conditions whilst boosting company morale, improves communication skills and wellbeing among employees. 

Many people believe that Steve Jobs was so successful in coming up with new and innovative ideas for Apple thanks to his regular meditation practice. He was also one of the first corporate leaders to implement in-office mindfulness programs which boosted staff morale and productivity


Benefits of Yoga and Meditation include:

Stress and anxiety reduction 

Increased productivity 

Increased creativity and awareness

Job satisfaction 

Higher levels of purpose

Increase in mental focus  

Lower workplace conflict 

A kinder and friendlier work environment 

Reduced back pain 

Reduction of shoulder strain 

Reduction in absenteeism 


We have delivered quality wellbeing programs and yoga classes for a number of high profile organisations such as Apple, Foster & PartnersBrunel University, as well as a variety of local school and organisations. 

Chaz Fliy – has had years of experience working in the wellbeing and creative field – As part being an Award-Winning Creative Director for Major Agencies and trained alongside some of the most renowned positive influencers in the world


Chaz Fliy provided companies and employees with the best. That is why with just a little bit extra we can provide your employees with wellbeing packages that suit their and your wants and needs.

We can cater to all needs for a variety of groups these wellbeing services include- Including yoga classes, meditation workshops/ sessions, healing gong baths, awareness workshops and breath workshops.


We’d love to answer any questions and tell you more about what we do. If you’d like to know more, feel free to send us a message or call us by clicking here.


How To Create Balance in a Busy Life.

A talk in how to live a more meaningful, mindful and balanced work and social life.

Practical exercises on de-stressing, refocusing and rebalancing the body and mind.

Spirituality Made Practical Today
Spirituality is not all Yoga, Meditation and reading Self-Help books but is about being present and enjoying the big and moments in throughout life. In today's busy world we rarely get to spend time on ourselves to relax or refocus. This workshop teaches practical, easy methods to feel positive and effective during day-to-day tasks.


Rise with Chaz Fliy

This course is designed to help open the doors up to the opportunity, attract what you deserve and help you in creating your perfect lifestyle. You get to become the architect and plan your life's blueprint.

How do you know what is right for you? How do you just let go and live in the flow of life?
This will help you become 100% effective and in line with your true soulful potential.


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