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Day 6: Think Less


Welcome to day six. We're almost there!  

Too many of us spend the majority of our lives living in our heads. We spend too much time overthinking—rehashing the past and worrying about the future—and this inability to get out of our own heads leaves constant anguished and anxious.

Most of the time, our egos are doing the thinking. The ego is an identity—a false one at that—that we construct based on our thoughts about ourselves—our personalities, talents, and abilities. It consists of the many different beliefs we have acquired over the course of our live, which can be diverse and even contradictory.

If we quiet the mind, we leave space for peace. Don't just take my word for it though; experience it yourself.

Today, I want you to be mindful of your thoughts, especially if you find yourself beginning to overthink—whether something bad happens (someone lashes out at you unexpectedly), something good (you land a new gig), or nothing at all (you’re just having a regular day). I want you to realize that every thought is just your ego talking and ignore it.

Step 1: Accept that the thoughts are going to come.

Step 2: Watch them without judging them, identifying as them or getting involved in them. Remember, you're not the thinker, you're the one watching them.

Step 3: Remain as grounded in the moment as possible with the insight that your mind's primary objective is to take you out of the moment.

To keep yourself accountable, set “Are you overthinking?” reminders in your phone that go off every few hours that trigger you to practice this challenge.

Be sure to check your email tomorrow to submit your response to today's challenge and get instant access to the next one.

Much love!


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