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Day 3: Feel



I'm really happy you’ve made it to day three!  

The core of this detox is to help you push that reset button. The fastest way to do that is to become more present and stay grounded in your body.

One way to do that is to process things as they happen and allow yourself to feel your emotions, not tamp them down and lock them away. Running from emotions is damaging and can lead to larger problems such as addictions and compulsive and self-harming behaviours.

Today, I want to you to spend the some time really focusing on how you're feeling moment to moment. If you get some bad news, allow yourself to be sad. Cry if you must. Good news? Jump for joy, high-five your friends, laugh. Experiencing confusion about something or angry with a friend for no apparent reason? Think it through. Pull out your journal or even just a sheet of paper and try to answer the question, "What's going on inside me right now?" It helps you to process your feelings, and you might even get to the root of your problem.

To keep yourself accountable, set reminders in your phone that go off every few hours that trigger you to do an emotional self-check.

Be sure to check your email tomorrow to submit your response to today's challenge and get instant access to the next one.

Much love!


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