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I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life. It all started with me watching my Father do headstands, meditate and spend hours in ashrams in London.

I turned to spirituality on and off throughout my teens and early twenties. I was a Creative during the day, Dj at night and serial meditator early morning.

The day I chose to hang up the headphones was the day I became a Spiritual Educator. I started soaking up spiritual principles, meditation practices and anything else that helped me get aligned with my true purpose: to be a source of love, change and inspiration in the world.

My mission is to help you crack open to a spiritual awareness of your own understanding so that you can live in alignment with your true purpose!

There are many ways that I can help you, no matter where you are on your spiritual path. Whether you're an entrepreneur finding business or Yogi finding balance.

Let’s start with my freebies! I have created a series of tools for you that helped me get started and where I am today. Today I am an Award Winning Creative Director, Speaking on platforms with Blue Chip companies, addressing the Ministry of Defence and hosting workshops for students to become the very best they can to create opportunity, happiness and balance in life.


I am also a forthcoming Author of my first book 'The Practical Guide To A Spiritual Life'

Inspire others by doing
what inspires you!

As a spiritual entrepreneur, it is my passion to help people build abundant businesses and attract the careers of their dreams! The world needs more people bringing creativity, love and inspiration to their work, no matter what field you’re in.

To help spiritual entrepreneurs and corporate lightworkers alike, I created a Spiritual Entrepreneur FREE Ebook! This helps you find balance in balancing business and work.  It combines a spiritual deep-dive with soulful business values for an experience to kick start your alignment.


I make meditation easy!

One of my biggest missions is to make meditation and self-awareness available to everyone. I’ve been a devoted mediator since I was 21 years old. Meditation is my source of peace, creativity and health. But you don’t have to meditate for years to reap the benefits of this life-changing practice.


I’m always offering resources on meditation.  I make meditation accessible by easy, quick meditations that are very easy to follow and help you feel amazing.

You can start meditating with me now by downloading my FREE guided meditation instantly.


I want to support you every step of the way on your path of spiritual and personal growth! Let’s start with your meditation journey. Here’s how I can help: I have a guided meditation that will help you de-stress, re-energize, attract everything you want and more!

More about who I am +
what I do!

Public speaking is where I like to be! I’ve been on the speaking circuit since 2010. I’ve presented at OXO, Made in Brunel, The Ministry of Defence, The Institute of Directors to NHS, Virgin Media, Lebara and been featured in GQ, New York Times, The Huffington among many others. 

I love sharing spiritual lessons and tools in videos and social media posts, too! I am on YouTube You can also find me going live on Facebook  and sharing my thoughts on Instagram .

As a teacher of both meditation and Kundalini yoga, I love to share these life-changing practices with the world. 

In my live workshops, I love sharing the methods I’ve used to manifest opportunities! I began my career as a graphic designer and quickly became an award-winning major agency creative director. Created multiple creative businesses, won international DJ competitions and help clients create outstanding branding and viral marketing campaigns.


My mission is to teach meditation and methods to increase self-awareness and vibration globally.




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